Dreaming of Babies

Babies are a common symbol in dreams. The meaning of babies can also be generalized to baby animals or even symbols of new life.  I have had dreams that appeared to be random only to realize a recurring theme- a baby, an egg, a young animal, a sapling, etc.  I have found babies to relate to three basic meanings although anyone dreaming of babies should also explore their personal feelings and experiences related to babies before deciding what their dream means.

  1. Babies in dreams may simply reflect the dreamer’s current children or desire to have a baby. Women towards the end of their reproductive years report having baby dreams more than others. These types of dreams may reflect the dreamer’s fears, thoughts, feelings, attitude, and beliefs about babies or the possibility of having a baby.
  2. Vulnerability and Dependency; a Need for Love and Attention: Babies often represent a dreamer’s vulnerability or dependency and/or a need for love and attention. We are the most vulnerable when we are a baby. We depend completely on our parents to care for us and protect us. Babies may represent our “inner child”, that part of us that continues to have the same basic needs similar to when we were babies. Although grown and an adult, we may find romantic relationship bring about core feelings associated with our parents.
  3. Inner Potential or Potential to Achieve a Goal.  Babies often represent a “clean slate”, a beginning and for this reason babies in our dreams tend to represent our potential for new growth and the start of a new opportunity. This new potential could be related to our personal growth but may also be associated with career goals, financial goals, personal achievements, etc.

Sample Baby Dream:

I wake up from a deep sleep only to discover that there is a crying baby in the room that needs my attention.  I am flustered as I realize I don’t have anything this baby needs.  I somehow find a bottle I wasn’t aware was even in the house and I wrap the baby in my blankets.  I am able to care for the baby only to realize I am late for work.  The dream seems to change to scenes of me at work.  I was late but it is ok.  I realize I am only half dressed and I have not eaten.  It is somehow close to the end of the work day already and I notice I have forgotten something.  I start to panic when I remember the baby I found and I leave frantically.  When I get home, I cannot find the baby.  I search and search and wonder why I didn’t just give the baby to the authorities.  Later, I find the baby safely tucked in a drawer.

This dream reflected all three of the meanings listed above.  I had this dream when I was beginning to want a child of my own.  For me, this dream reflected my anxiety and worries about becoming a mother, taking care of another person, and fitting in new responsibilities into my life.  This dream reflected how I was adjusting to the idea of becoming a mother and caring for a baby 24/7 while also taking care of myself and maintaining my job.  The baby in the dream not only represented a baby but the potential for a new growth and development within my life.