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Dream interpretation and dream sharing is my passion. Listening and studying my own dreams has been one of the most powerful and life-changing actions I have taken in my life.  When we listen to dreams, we are listening to ourselves in the deepest way.  We expand our understanding of our minds, hearts, spirit and body.  I believe that only the dreamer truly knows what their dream means and dream sharing is a powerful process that allows the dreamer to receive feedback and possible meanings to their dream that they may not have thought of themselves. Most dreamers may find when others interpret their dreams that they identify with most of the interpretation.  Even interpretations that do not resonate allows the dreamer to begin to rule out possible meanings helping them to arrive at the true personal meaning of their dream.

Be Dreamful Blog

The Be Dreamful Blog explores dream topics such as dream interpretation, dream symbols, dream states and everything dreaming. 

Dreamwork Tools

Dreamwork tools are resources that allow dreamers and professionals to expand their dreamwork.  While dreamwork can be a powerful personal and spiritual experience, it is also an often overlooked strategy in counseling and psychotherapy.  What better way to listen to yourself then through your dreams?  And, what better way to listen to your client then through dreamwork?

Dream Interpretation

Receiving feedback about your dreams can be a powerful and insightful way to explore your dreams.  Dreams are often layered and have many meanings.  Sharing your dreams may help you discover unexpected meanings of your dream that you were unable to identify.  It is important to highlight that the dreamer is ultimately the expert of their dreams.  Only you truly know what your dream means for you.


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